• Our Mission

    Our Mission is to give.
    At TMG Holdings we believe that we are a channel & as such must always be giving.
    Giving to our wider community; Giving to our shareholders.
    We believe that we must make good & diligent use of the resources at our disposal, avoid obstruction, with a view to generating more.

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  • Investment strategy

    TMG Holdings provides capital and people. TMG Holdings provides its investors with the ability to make investments in a wide range of assets, including taking minority stakes in businesses.

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  • Investor retations

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Welcome to TMG Holdings

Our goal at TMG Holdings is to provide an investment vehicle which will manage funds
in a conservative manner, protecting capital whilst aiming
to achieve growth over the long-term.

About us

We can be what We will to be.
  • Method and uniqueness

    Our combined services offerings are unique. Our strategy and implementation is geared to extending our products and services to potential clients via every cost-effective approach possible.

    Our focus is placed on entities [divisions] that allow for low-cost implementation, Internet-based client access, as well as direct marketing where needed.

    We participate in corporate entities that focus on the needs of their clients, working within particular parameters that permit the business to respond to small and large clients equally efficiently.

  • Innovation and sustainability

    The Future of TMG Holdings will be based on constant [and increasingly demanding] innovation and upon our determination to be competitive. This spirit of entrepreneurship has also inspired us to widen our horizons to include other market sectors.

    TMG Holdings is committed to developing patronage programs that directly interact with real people and express our desire to contribute sustainably and relevantly to the great challenges of our society.

    TMG Holdings gives support to scientific and medical research.

  • Partnership

    TMG Holdings looks to create a legacy of partnering with great talent, with a focus on our community at large.

    In an effort to invest in the future of tomorrow’s talent, our charitable giving philosophy emphasizes the importance of improving the lives of young people in the global community.

    TMG Holdings believes in maintaining its obligations to greater society.

Investment Strategy

TMG Holdings provides capital and people.
  • Our Strategy

    TMG Holdings uses the funds under its control, minimising risk, to affect leverage with a relatively small amount of debt.

    • TMG Holdings takes a long-term view of investment opportunities.
    • It may choose to invest in a wide range of asset classes, including listed and unlisted equities, bonds, real estate and derivative instruments.
    • Whilst TMG Holdings may invest in broadly defined investment opportunities, the emphasis will at all times be on the protection of shareholders’ capital.
    • TMG Holdings recognises its responsibilities to all of its stakeholders including investors, employees and associates as well as companies in which it invests and the communities in which TMG Holdings and its investees operate.
    • TMG Holdings will seek to ensure that companies in which it invests comply with relevant corporate governance requirements.

Investor relations

Learn how to get involved
  • Strengthening and diversifying

    The Investor Relations section of this website will expand to include new features as the TMG Holdings business grows.

    In the short term, our company will undergo significant transformation. The next two years, in particular, will be a period of dramatic change.

    We intend making strategic acquisitions and building up our position in fast-growing and high-potential industries.

    As a group, we will make extensive portfolio changes and carry out the diversification we have planned for.
    Whilst TMG Holdings is intent upon making a positive impact economically, we also aspire to creating a positive impact on the environment and society.

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